Images from top to bottom:

•Monument to Eugenio María de Hostos at foundry, bronze 11’ high, Old San Juan 1998; •Monument to Robert Frost, stone. 6’high figure, 1992, Merimack College, Andover, MA; •Monumental figure of Justice, bronce, 12’ high, 1973, Puerto Rico Bar Association Bldg. San Juan, P.R.; •Monument to J. F. Kennedy, bronze, 11’ high, 1967, Arecibo, P.R. •The Fountain of the Tree of Life, bronze, 21’ high, 1967, University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez, P.R.; •Monument to Jesús T. Piñero, bronze, 11’ high, 1965, Carolina, Puerto Rico; •The Puerto Rican Family Monument, bronze, 10’ x 12’, 2000 • Monumental Relief of the History of Vega Baja, bronze, 10’ x 6’,1996, Town Plaza, Vega Baja, P.R.; •Monument to Ramón Emeterio Betances, bronze, 9’high, 1969, Cabo Rojo, P.R.: • Monument to Roberto Cofresí, bronze, 14’ high, 1991, Boquerón Lagoon, Cabo Rojo, P.R. •2008 Statue of Rodrigo de Triana, Christopher Columbus Acad, New Haven, CT.

All images ©Jose Buscaglia