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Roberto Clemente Cenotaph Plaza

Inaugural ceremony of the Clemente Cenotaph on August 18, 1999 Roberto Clemente’s birthday

The body of the legendary baseball player and philanthropist Roberto Clemente was lost at sea on December 31, 1972 as he attempted to deliver food and medical supplies to the victims of the devastating earthquake in Nicaragua.

A cenotaph commemorates and exalts the life and virtues of a hero whose body has been lost in action and cannot be recovered. The three monumental reliefs which constitute the Clemente Cenotaph relate the main events in his life from birth to death.

The sculptural work is 30 ft. long by 7 1/2 ft. high, has over 44 full-size figures and is located in the center of the sport facilities of the home town of Clemente in Carolina, Puerto Rico.

José Buscaglia sculptor

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